Sorting Traffic

When driving, I let other traffic in; usually only cars that are newer than mine. This got me thinking – what if it was made law that you had to give way if a newer car was waiting?

People with OCD everywhere would rejoice knowing that slowly but surely the roads are transforming into some kind of order.

The banks would rejoice knowing that a nice big cash injection was on its way from people who don’t want to give way to others.

The environment would rejoice, assuming that newer cars were more environmentally friendly. This would be a great tactic if some new source of non polluting energy was found say magnetic or hydrogen cell.

The second hand car market would thrive, older dirtier cars being crushed and recycled.

The number of RTAs would go down because people would not only have to acknowledge a car but read its number plate too – leading to lower speeds and safer roads.

Of course this is all in my head – what an amazing place.

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