I’m laying here in bed contemplating time. How something can come out of nothing, into existence and then leave as quickly as it came.

How we can learn from the past mistakes of others and ourselves to change the present to alter the course of the future. It’s totally fascinating.

The more you think about it the more you realise that time isn’t just a flow of hours, minutes and seconds its much faster than that its a continuous flow of perception.

I’m of the opinion that time has to be perceived in order to manifest itself. With no one to perceive time then the world just keeps going round and round. Time is in the perception of the observer.

This is why we can’t see into the future because its something that is yet to be observed but we can see the past so clearly.

Even the idea that ones own self is in a constant state of flux is incredible – a person can redifne themselves at any point in there life and as many times. A persons ideological and belief structure is constantly changing and evolving as it comes into contact with new material that supports or contradicts existing attitudes and beliefs.

I doubt we’ll ever understand the true nature of time, why it exists, how it exists and where it comes from and goes too.

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