Magical Photos and Videos

Why are photos and videos so magical? It’s because they perfectly reconstruct a point in our past that our memories no matter how good can not.

Our memories limit us to fragments of pictures or falsely reconstructed scenes based on our perception preferences. They allow us access to little segments of audio individual frames of a movie that is genuinely hard – and I’d argue almost impossible – to reconstruct accurately and to the same level of detail.

Not only does a video or a photo capture everything the way it was – it also captures and allows us to reconnect with the way we were feeling and our emotions at that point in time. This is such a powerful tool. A tool that can make us feel exactly how we want to feel at any moment of our lives – all we need do is change the images and videos in our minds to ones that make us feel the way we want and we truly have mastered our own emotions.

The power of this tool doesn’t end there – we can manipulate and strip characteristics off movies and photos that make us feel a certain way and apply them to other images and movies to make us feel the way we want when a given situation arises.

I have read a lot about NLP and its use of images, I never thought I’d figure out the reason why images, videos and sounds are so important to us.

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