Thoroughly Modern Millie

So I’m in my next musical! Thoroughly Modern Millie! Being in Just So was an amazing experience and so much fun that I thought I’d join in on the next couple of musicals and see how they go.

The first musical after Just So was an evening dedicated to popular movies through the decades, from silent movies through to Men In Black, called A Night at the Movies. Whilst the show was a bit bitty in places it was still great fun to be a part of.

Me performing at 'A night at the Movies'
Have you met Miss Jones?

Now we’re on to Thoroughly Modern Millie and I’m playing the part of ‘Jimmy Smith’, my first lead role, which I am so excited about! I’m already feeling nervous about it, tonight being our first rehearsal, that’s if I can get there with all this snow!

I had a really weird dream about it last night in fact. I dreamt I was performing with Barnstormers and that we were due to perform a piece that I had no recollection of rehearsing. Very Scary!

Anyway here’s to Thoroughly Modern Millie, I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

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  1. Wonderful!, you are like .. what we say in Norway.. a man with a vocal of buffalo. I shall enjoy the rest of your performance while eating my Kit-Kat.

    Yours, Ted Peg.
    Editor-in-Chief, Horse Weekly

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