How to convert DSS files to .mp3 with ubuntu linux

I have an Olympus DM-20 which I use to record stuff from my amateur dramatics group, just recently I recorded a script read through of Thoroughly Modern Millie and needed to chop up the read-through by scene. Ubuntu Linux doesn’t support .dss files natively so I needed to convert them. A bit of googling lead me to believe that I’d need to convert it using a program under wine. Below is how I got it all to work, hopefully it will help someone!

Things you will need:

To Install:

  • Install wine from the repositories

sudo apt-get install wine

You should be able to Right Click and Open with Wine Windows Program Loader.

Using the same methodology as above right click and open with Wine Windoes Program Loader.

Install as above. Run the program, add the files, choose your output type and location and hit convert!

Bang, you’re done.

Information sourced from Google and the ubuntu forums I couldn’t initially get Swift working because I didn’t have the C++ libraries installed hence my repost!

9 responses to “How to convert DSS files to .mp3 with ubuntu linux”

  1. Thanks for the how to. It worked perfectly. The only change I would make is that the DSS/Multi Player-Lite 2 must be installed for it to work. I tried doing it without installing the player, and it did not recognize the file type, and could not convert it.

  2. Thanks for the links, worked for me perfectly although initially I had some errors with downloading conversion encoder for switch in wine (incorrectly set wininet driver).
    Out of curiousity (given the age of the post) have there been any Linux specific (eg, not relying on wine) solutions to this which I have simply failed to find?

  3. thanks a lot – but you also need to have windows media player installed under wine to get it working 🙂

  4. On Linux (and probably the “other” OS) the ffmpeg program as of version 2.8.11 will convert dss files directly for you.
    It still cannot handle .ds2 files.
    ffmpeg -i mydssaudio.dss mynewaudio.mp3

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