How to convert .MTS files to .AVI in Ubuntu using ffmpeg

Just a quick post. If you want to bulk convert .MTS files (from JVC or Sony HD camcorders) then you can use the below script: You’ll need csh and ffmpeg installed: sudo apt-get install csh ffmpeg Make a new file called convert (I use joe but you can use nano or whatever you prefer) joe […]

Setting up Munin on Ubuntu 10.04

Server setup (as root): apt-get install apache2┬ámunin munin-node munin-plugins-extra munin-libvirt-plugins munin-java-plugins a2dissite default Edit munin apache config to enable stats to be veiwed from anywhere: joe /etc/apache2/conf.d/munin change Allow localhost ::1 line to: allow all Restart apache2: /etc/init.d/apache2 restart Setup hosts we want to monitor in /etc/munin/munin.conf . For each host we need to […]