Rehearsal recordings from 28-01-2010 (last Thursday)

Here are the recordings from last Thursday’s rehearsal. Thoroughly Modern Millie Forget about the boy The Speed Test All of which can be downloaded by clicking the relevant song above. Please note the above recordings are for rehearsal purposes only and should be used as such.

Thoroughly Modern Millie – Scene by Scene

Below is the list of acts and scenes and which characters have speaking parts. Each scene can be downloaded separately at the end of each scenes list. The directors overview of TMM can be heard here:  Introduction If you wish to download all of the scenes this can be done by clicking here. Act 1 […]

How to convert DSS files to .mp3 with ubuntu linux

I have an Olympus DM-20 which I use to record stuff from my amateur dramatics group, just recently I recorded a script read through of Thoroughly Modern Millie and needed to chop up the read-through by scene. Ubuntu Linux doesn’t support .dss files natively so I needed to convert them. A bit of googling lead […]

Thoroughly Modern Millie

So I’m in my next musical! Thoroughly Modern Millie! Being in Just So was an amazing experience and so much fun that I thought I’d join in on the next couple of musicals and see how they go. The first musical after Just So was an evening dedicated to popular movies through the decades, from […]