Just So Life Musicals

It's been a busy couple of months…

So, it’s been a very busy couple of months for me. I’ve auditioned for a musical with the am-dram group, Barnstormers, for a part in their latest production, Just So. Just So is based on the Rudyard Kipling Just So stories, how the elephant got it’s trunk, how the leopard got his spots etc. Rehearsals have taken up every Thursday and Friday since January 2nd, not that I’m complaining, it’s a lot of fun!

I, initially, was cast as the crocodile, a nice little part with his own song and I would have got to play as the baddie! However, due to some members of the cast not being able to make the performance dates, I got recast as the Leopard, a much bigger part with dialogue lines and a couple of songs!

I found it hard initially getting into the mentality of a Leopard, how he would walk and talk, but bit by bit, it came. I’m now really happy with my Leopard and am having a great deal of fun in rehearsals portraying him. I can’t wait for the actual shows!

If you want to come and see how it turns out, the details are available here.

Dreams In My Head Psychology / Communication

Another Dream

I had a really weird dream about surfing.

I was at a beach near my old home in Brighton. I was there to surf some big waves that had been reported to be breaking on the beach soon.

I got out on my surfboard and started to drift out to sea no matter how hard I tried to get back to shore, I just kept drifting back out to sea.

Eventually these big waves came along, the ones that were due to break, I decided that this was my only chance to get back to shore safely under my own force.

The first couple of waves got me somewhere back nearer to where I wanted to be the third wave however was much stronger than the first two and started to drag me under. I struggled and tried to resurface in the end though I lost and could feel myself starting to drown.

I then woke up and it was a few seconds before I realised I was actually able to breath and not be inhaling sea water.

I did have a cold at the time; that explains the not being able to breath properly – I’m finding it hard to decipher the meaning of the sea and the land.

I’m guessing the shore is something that I was trying to achieve, somewhere in my life I wanted to get to? Maybe the dream was meant as a message of “You’re trying too hard” to achieve whatever the shore represented.

Maybe the waves drowning me was a way of saying “you don’t actually want / need to get to get to the shore” or the likely hood of obtaining the shore is very small so don’t even try just relax and go with it!

In My Head Life


Choices when you look at them from a simplistic point of view are indeed very simple. You either do something or you don’t. Life then looks like a binary tree of choices. At each junction along the way we close one door, pass through the other closing it behind us and move toward our next junction; effectively snipping off a branch of the ‘might have been’ along the way.

This week I’ve had to make some pretty tough choices. I’ve had to close doors that I never really wanted to close and snip of branches of my ‘might have been’ to arrive here in the present.

Although the choices I have made have been tough I feel so much better having made them. I feel a sense of control that I’ve not really felt for a while.

I’m guessing if you pull far enough away from all your choices, your life starts to look a bit like all the veins in a leaf. I’m not exactly sure why but it makes me feel good inside to think my life is just a leaf, fluttering gently in the wind.

Thinking about it, the secret to a truly happy life is not to regret the doors you’ve closed or the pruning of the ‘might have been’ but to truly embrace the junctions you are at and give yourself fully to those decisions.

Over the next few days and weeks I’m going to try and do just that.

Dreams In My Head Psychology / Communication


Dreams are funny things. Some we remember, some we forget, some we actualise and some we let slip through our fingers.

Some dreams mean more to us than others, some dreams we share, some dreams we keep quiet secretly hoping for them to come true.

Some dreams tiptoe quietly past and sit silent until we pay them their due attention, others scream and shout until action is taken.

Our ability to dream and imagine sets us apart from most other species on this planet. Although other species dream we’re the only ones who realise the potential of dreaming and lucid imagination to change our selves and the world around us, this is because our mind cannot distinguish between a lucid imagination and reality.

Of course the map is not the territory, the world is not the way we perceive it to be – it is the way it is and we are but mere interpreters of the way it is.

The strangest things about dreams are the way they fade away so quickly after you wake up. When doing some research on dreams and lucid dreaming a while back I read one of the best techniques for remembering your dreams was to keep a notepad and by your bed and as soon as you wake up (within 2 minutes) write down what your dream was about.

I believe that dreams are alot like emotions. Each dream we have has a message to deliver. Some dreams the message will be obvious and others not so. The same is true of emotions sometimes when we feel sad for no particular reason we wonder what our mind and body are trying to say eventually we’ll get the message through other times though the reason for the way you’re feeling is entirely obvious.

I had a strange dream the other night. I was visiting a friend of mine in London, I don’t actually know who the person was but I had the sense that I knew them. We were on our way to the train station when we realised that one of the entrances of the station was locked and closed. There were three people outside the station. I asked one of them why the station was shut, he said something and told us to use the other entrance, he said he would show us the other entrance. As he guided us – he was behind us at this point I saw all three of us in third person, he drew a sword out of his jacket and stabbed me in the back. I can’t remember what happend much after that.

I guess the message behind this dream is something to do with connections (the train station)  that I was use to having in my life aren’t necessarily there any more and if there are things I need or want to achieve I will have to do this using alternative methods (the second entrance), which even may require me to alter the way I am now (that’s the death part).

Although I’m certain there’s a million and one way to interpret a dream, I think the person responsible for the dream is the only one who can really interpret and understand its full meaning.


Poppy Day

(Originally posted 11th November 2008)

Today was poppy day. I’m supprised the kids at work actually honoured the two minute silence.

My thoughts were very much with my Popa and my Great Uncle who took part in D-Day who were spared the Dolce et decorum est pro patria mori and lived a good long life but are sadly no longer with us.