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Saved game theory

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if x hadn’t of happened? How different you would feel now? How many more doors of opportunity would be open to you that are now closed?

I was laying in bed the other night thinking about this, how amazing would it be if there was a way we could save our brain state up and go and try different things and if things don’t go the way we want we can just load that old state right back up and continue where we left off – much like a video game.

So I continued to ponder what would my life be like if event x hadn’t have happened to me, what would my life in the present be like, what would my current state of mind be and how my life would have progressed between my save point before event x and now.

The amazing thing? If you visualise it hard and lucidly enough you start to feel the way you want to feel – of course this technique doesn’t patch things up in other peoples heads but it makes you comfortable in your own, then who knows your communication feedback loop to other people might start mending bridges that never needed to get broken.

So why does this work?

It works based on the principle that as human beings we can’t remember absolutley every second of everyday we filter input from the outside world and only remember the stuff that’s important to us, weird or selected by our preferences.

Now because our brains don’t remember every second, every day or even every month (as time is abstracted from us the effect is moreso) we can simply imagine events that happened between our save point and the present day.

How do you make a save point?

You don’t need to. Just remember how you were feeling at a certain point in your life, revisit it as lucidly as you can – hear what you heard, see what you saw and feel how you felt. Then simply imagine the way your life is going to pan out from then till now cutting out event x.

If there are emotions at our saved point you no longer desire to have in your present you can simply alter the images, sounds and videos in your head at the time of the saved point to reflect this and only bring forward emotions, thoughts and feelings that you feel will support you in your way forward in life.

Of course imagining you win the lottery between the saved point and now won’t make you rich beyond your wildest dreams but it may make changes in your head that allow you to embrace what ever the lack of money is holding you back from. After all money and possesions never truely bring you happiness.

As long as the lesson(s) event x are learnt from this is a good way of restablishing your emotional state to where you want to be. This technique shouldn’t be used to ignore life’s lessons because without learning from situations we’re destined to circle around making the same mistakes “over and over again.”

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Magical Photos and Videos

Why are photos and videos so magical? It’s because they perfectly reconstruct a point in our past that our memories no matter how good can not.

Our memories limit us to fragments of pictures or falsely reconstructed scenes based on our perception preferences. They allow us access to little segments of audio individual frames of a movie that is genuinely hard – and I’d argue almost impossible – to reconstruct accurately and to the same level of detail.

Not only does a video or a photo capture everything the way it was – it also captures and allows us to reconnect with the way we were feeling and our emotions at that point in time. This is such a powerful tool. A tool that can make us feel exactly how we want to feel at any moment of our lives – all we need do is change the images and videos in our minds to ones that make us feel the way we want and we truly have mastered our own emotions.

The power of this tool doesn’t end there – we can manipulate and strip characteristics off movies and photos that make us feel a certain way and apply them to other images and movies to make us feel the way we want when a given situation arises.

I have read a lot about NLP and its use of images, I never thought I’d figure out the reason why images, videos and sounds are so important to us.